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Analyze Damage/Estimate

In order to start the process we need to determine exactly what needs to be repaired or replaced. Our professional, state-certified appraisers will analyze your vehicle’s damage, both seen and unseen.  If needed, some disassembly will be required to document initially unseen damage.  It may also include measuring the structure to determine structural damage.

Since no two vehicles will follow the exact repair plan, we’ll put together a comprehensive blueprint of your vehicles repair process. This will reduce unneeded delays, and surprises during the repair process, making the repair seamless and timely.  Barry’s will also negotiate with your insurance company.  We will handle the claim for you!  We are part of the DRP (Direct Repair Program) with most major insurance companies.  This means, while you receive an itemized copy of the repairs, we bill the insurance company directly.   With our certified trained technicians you can have peace of mind knowing your vehicle will be repaired to the highest industry standards.

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