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Do you use Genuine parts?

It is our desire to always use OEM Genuine Parts to repair your vehicle. Unfortunately, most insurance companies try to save money by only paying for used or aftermarket parts. Since we try to work with all insurance companies we recommend two options for our customers. Option one is the customer can pay the difference to get the Genuine Part (this could cost hundreds of dollars). Most of our customers choose option two, to allow us to try the non-genuine part to see if it passes our quality control. We have the toughest quality control in the area. Almost half the non-genuine parts we try, do not pass our quality standards. With the proper documentation and images of the bad part, the insurance companies will pay for the genuine part. On the other hand, if the part does pass our quality control, that means you won’t notice the difference.

How long before I can wash or wax my car?

You can wash your car right away. Do not send it through an automatic car wash that has scrubbers for at least a month. Wait at least 3 months before you wax the newly painted panels on the car.

Will my car be like new?

There are many different ideas as to what “Like new” means. It is our goal to repair your car to pre-accident condition, like it was before the accident (not necessarily “new”). The body panels that are damaged will be painted with new paint, thus looking “like new”. As far as other repairs, it depends on the parts that are being replaced. Depending on the age and condition of the vehicle, it is sometimes not cost effective for the customer or insurance company to pay the cost to make it “Like new”. But we can always get to a point of satisfaction for all parties.

Do you have a warranty on repairs?

Yes. We have a 1 year Limited Warranty on parts, and a Lifetime Warranty on paint and workmanship. For all insurance claims we offer a Lifetime Warranty on parts, paint, and workmanship.

Do you work with my insurance company?

Yes we work with all insurance company’s. We even have automatic billing for some of the major carriers.



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