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Frame/Structure Repair

Each year many cars are poorly repaired and returned to the road after an accident with unseen structural damage. What can happen if a vehicle’s structure is compromised? Your safety may be in jeopardy. The crumple zones are designed to protect passengers in the event of an accident. They easily crush to absorb the impact, making an accident less severe for the passengers.

Think about a soda can as an illustration. If the can is new and undamaged it is hard to crush, but if it has been crushed, even slightly, then pulled into shape, it is weakened. Under pressure it will then crush very easily. Another undesirable outcome of a compromised structure could cause the air bags to deploy at the wrong time.

Our state of the art computerized Car-o-liner equipment uses lasers to measure the car’s uni-body or frame and compares it to the manufactures specifications. By measuring to the millimeter, it will tell us what the human eye cannot. We care about your safety.



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