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Detailing– This is not your average express Wash that you get at the car wash.  We have 3 package deals as well as A la carte options.

Ultimate Package– Wash, clean door jambs, light scratch removal, buffing, polish, carnauba wax, carpet vacuum & shampoo, interior upholstery cleanse, leather conditioner, tire & wheel shine, under hood degrease, headliner cleanse, clay bar surface contaminate removal………$250

Deluxe Package- Wash, clean door jambs, polish, wax, carpet vacuum & shampoo, interior upholstery cleanse, tire & wheel shine, window clean, under hood degrease……$150

Standard Package- Wash, clean door jambs, vacuum, wax, tire & wheel shine, window clean……$70

Extra fees for heavy soiling, vomit, feces, pet hair,  vans, and SUV’s

Advanced Paint Matching


Our trained paint technicians use a computerized paint matching system to find an accurate factory paint match for your vehicle. All our paints are waterborne paints, which minimizes the environmental impact.

We have invested in 2 Accudraft Downdraft spray booths to divert unwanted dust and particles away from the paint, an allows us to heat the painted part which allows for a more durable, better-looking finish. We want to see you shine!

Computerized Frame Measuring


Computerized Frame Measuring- The Automobiles of today boast extremely complex and advanced safety and airbag systems.  These advances have greatly reduced the numbers of vehicle accidents that end in a fatality.  However, these systems require that sensors, computer modules, wiring, & inertia switches be mounted in the exact place and orientation that the manufacturer designed them to be.  This can create a huge problem for the majority of shops who still use older, less accurate measuring systems and only pull the frame or unibody structure to “relatively” the right spot.  Here at Barry’s Paint Shop, we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the latest, most efficient, and most accurate computerized 3-dimensional Car-O-Liner measuring systems on the market.  Our trained & certified technicians will align the frame or unibody structure to within a millimeter of the vehicle manufacturers specification. This is as accurate as when your vehicle was brand new, rolling off the assembly line.

Advanced Wheel Alignments

Wheel alignment

Have you checked for uneven wear on your tires, recently?

Wheel alignments adjust the angles of the wheels so they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel with each other.  This increases the life of the tire, and allows the car to track straight on a level road which increases gas mileage.

At Barry’s we have computerized 4 wheel Alignment system to balance your car’s wheels we use a computerized Hunter Tire and Wheel analyzer. When a wheel or tire has heavy spots, it will cause a vibration as you drive, especially at high speeds.   A measured lead weight will be used to balance the tire and allows it to spin without vibration.

Direct Billing with most Insurance Companies


Direct Billing with most Insurance Companies- Dealing with an insurance company after an accident can sometimes be more daunting, stressful and frustrating than the accident itself. We deal with insurance companies on a daily basis.  Allow us to handle the stress for you.  We can handle the claim and bill most of the insurance companies for you. So, all you have to worry about is reporting the claim and which rental car you want to pick up here when you drop your vehicle off.

Paintless Dent Repair


Paintless Dent Repair- Not all dents require paintwork. Automotive paint prices have skyrocketed in recent years due to the increase of EPA regulations and innovations in longevity. It is not uncommon to pay more than $300 for a gallon of clear coat (the outermost layer of a vehicle’s finish) and more than that for the actual color.   Some dents can be straightened by a trained technician accessing the back side of the panel and carefully pushed back into place.  This procedure can save hundreds of dollars  when compared to the traditional body and paint work. Come in and ask if that dent that irritates you every time you see it can be fixed for as low as $80.



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